Sunday, January 08, 2017


After reading Ecclesiastes 7 I asked myself the question, "What have I learned from times of extreme sorrow in my life?" Here's my reflection:
  • that those moments will pass if I allow myself to process them
  • I will get to the other side eventually, I won't always feel this way
  • that life doesn't always turn out like we want it to
  • to appreciate and enjoy the people in my life because they won't always be there
  • tell people I love you while you can
  • it is good to have friends around who can pray for you, allow you those feelings and just be with you, wordless, bearing your burden
  • it hurts to your core
  • when the sorrow is because of someone's unhealthy lifestyle choices that are destructive, you need to detach in love
  • Crying cleanses the soul
  • You can actually feel the sorrow physically in your heart and body
  • the degree of joy you feel will match the degree of sorrow
  • sorrow is part of life; you can't avoid it
  • Sorrow allows you to experience compassion for others who feel it too
  • God comforts the brokenhearted. It's a promise in Isaiah 61:1!
  • God gives a joyous blessing instead of mourning, beauty for ashes
  • that I am held and enfolded by Jesus
  • Sorrow has a refining influence on us (Eccl 7:3 (if we will embrace it)
  • that Jesus weeps with me, His Spirit lives within me and comforts me