Tuesday, December 13, 2016


I’m not very good at waiting. This is the season of Advent which means waiting…waiting for Christ’s birth and for His coming again. I can wait with hope because I wait with Jesus, who is literally Hope Himself. I recognize that I need to let go of the outcomes I have pictured in my mind and allow His outcomes to come forth. His ways are not my ways. As John Eldredge says, look at the wild way Jesus chose to bring about the Kingdom of God on earth…through 12 ordinary men and through us. He gave three years of instruction then left it to us.

So Jesus… I need your faithfulness to me to create faithfulness IN me to persevere in prayer for what I’m waiting and hoping for, especially in my relationships, without giving up just because what I hope for hasn’t yet happened. Thank You for what I’m learning through this that I probably couldn’t learn any other way. I continue to ask You to bring your Kingdom into the hearts of those I love.

I invite you to awaken in waiting but with your eyes open, to be aware of what you see Me doing in the waiting…in you, in the world. BE patient but wait in expectancy, as a pregnant woman waits for her baby to be born. Knowing he/she will eventually come forth into completion and yet just beginning again.

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