Saturday, June 25, 2016

MapQuest Jesus or GPS Jesus...who do you follow?

MapQuest give us every step to read and follow and shows us our final destination. GPS gives us one step at a time.  Too often we look for a MapQuest Jesus...just give me all the steps and show me my destination and I'll take it from there....and we leave Jesus in the dust as we race off toward what we feel is His will.

I believe Jesus is more like a GPS Jesus where He shows us one step at a time and invites us to walk hand in hand with Him every day and just focus on where we are and possibly just the next step He is leading us toward. That way we keep company with Him along the way, building a relationship and not just following steps.  When we are willing to take the journey WITH Him, He will walk us right into His purpose for our lives without any striving. The bonus is developing intimacy with Him along the way.

Too many of us want to see the last step before we even begin the journey. Sometimes when we can't see all the steps along the way or the outcome, we never even begin.Often Jesus invites us to just take one step with Him, a step of faith, in order to find the path He wants us to be on.

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