Saturday, June 25, 2016

MapQuest Jesus or GPS Jesus...who do you follow?

MapQuest give us every step to read and follow and shows us our final destination. GPS gives us one step at a time.  Too often we look for a MapQuest Jesus...just give me all the steps and show me my destination and I'll take it from there....and we leave Jesus in the dust as we race off toward what we feel is His will.

I believe Jesus is more like a GPS Jesus where He shows us one step at a time and invites us to walk hand in hand with Him every day and just focus on where we are and possibly just the next step He is leading us toward. That way we keep company with Him along the way, building a relationship and not just following steps.  When we are willing to take the journey WITH Him, He will walk us right into His purpose for our lives without any striving. The bonus is developing intimacy with Him along the way.

Too many of us want to see the last step before we even begin the journey. Sometimes when we can't see all the steps along the way or the outcome, we never even begin.Often Jesus invites us to just take one step with Him, a step of faith, in order to find the path He wants us to be on.

Thursday, June 09, 2016

We all fall down.....

Here is my rewrite of the Genesis Fall story from God's perspective.

I've given you everything you could ever need or want: an intimate relationship with Me, a partner to enhance your life, food and water, a beautiful environment in nature to enjoy, animals to bring you joy. I even gave you a job that had meaning and brought purpose to your life. I blessed you and commanded you to create life as I did. The only thing I withheld from you has been evil, sin, death....and yet when the Serpent tested, tempted you, you thought you knew better than Me.

You saw beauty and desire it. You saw fruit that looked desirable and delicious. You thought more wisdom could only be a good thing, but that was false thinking. You believed the lie of the Enemy rather than the truth of your Father. So you "took things into your own hands" took the fruit and ate it  - hook, line and sinker. And then you drew your husband in too because sin always wants a companion to ease its guilt.

How My heart was broken that day because you no longer would be able to walk with Me in our perfect garden; now you knew evil first hand.There are no words for My grief over the loss of oneness with you. I always only wanted the very best for you, but you walked away.

The consequences I gave you for your actions were to remind you to not choose sin again and that only a blood sacrifice could bring life from this kind of death.That is why I covered you with the skins of animals that required a death and blood, as a picture of the sacrifice that was to come. You sinned and sin brings guilt and shame. Only I could cover your shame adequately. Fig leaves couldn't do it....your actions couldn't do it.

I banished you from the Garden so that you would not partake of the Tree of Life in your sinful state and remain in sin forever. Your banishment was My grace toward you, even though at the time it seemed more like punishment.

You had a choice. You could have chosen the Tree of Life instead of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. I always give you a choice toward life. If you had only chosen that tree which was not banned from you, you would have lived forever with Me in Paradise.

So I prepared another Tree of Life. This time it was the tree that My Son hung on to give you life....the Cross. If you "eat" from this tree and accept My Son's death as the punishment for your sins, you will be reunited with Me forever. This is my deepest desire for you. Will you make the right choice this time?