Monday, February 22, 2016

True Freedom

When I divide my life into what God wants me to do and having enough time to complete my projects, my life is not at peace. That's because this represents a divided heart. Simplicity calls me to a single laser focus on Jesus and that is where I want to live. To do that I recognize I have to live in each present moment, aware and focused on His Presence.

True freedom lies hidden in total surrender to God's love.   Henri Nouwen

Your will, Your way, always, Yahweh.

And so He asks me, "Are you willing to live that out even when it is excruciatingly hard?

Honestly, Jesus, I can't say I won't fail You there (or even if it is less hard than that) but it IS my desire to be totally surrendered to You because I know You are the only One who loves me totally and unconditionally. Your love is worth it all. I'll need Your help to say yes when it is hard. Help me come to You and pray as You did in the garden so You can empower me to live this out.

I will always be with you to help you obey and love Me first and foremost.

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