Friday, January 08, 2016

My Testimony from Jesus' Perspective

I was so excited the day you came to Me! I had been waiting for this day for 16 years….waiting but not inactive. You see, I had been showing up in so many little ways: through the stained glass windows in the Church by the Sea; through the gifts given on Christmas day, reflecting the greatest gift given that day; through the beauty of the flowers in your mother’s garden, and the stars in the sky. They were all telling of My glory and you noticed, you just did not know the whole story. Until your sister came along, my messenger, and shared the beautiful truth of who I really am and why I came….so we could have a relationship, and not just any relationship but one where I call you My Beloved! What joy that gave me that day when you asked me to come inside your heart….and I did! We become one that day, like a bride and groom, entering into a love relationship that would last into eternity. All the angels in Heaven were rejoicing along with Me.

Your initial enthusiasm for Me brought me such joy.  You were learning about Me and how to love Me. Step by step, word by word, practice by practice you walked the path of life with Me. But then you decided you knew better than I how to walk that path. My heart was so grieved and heavy because I knew where that broad path was leading, not to joy, peace and love like you hoped but to destruction, depravity and death.  Oh how My heart hurt for you….how I longed for you to return to Me, your first Love. It took 7 years for you to come back in full surrender, but when you did, you KNEW that there was no turning back. I filled you anew with My Spirit so you could feel My presence with you and you began to follow wholeheartedly.  Not that you didn’t make mistakes along the way, but there was a new depth to our relationship you had not experienced before.

And then there was the day when My Spirit opened your eyes to just how poor in spirit you really were and the result of that was not condemnation but conviction that led to a sweet repentance that opened up the door of amazing grace to you. That day was a game changer for you. You understood my love and sacrifice like never before and your heart was filled with such gratitude and love for me. A joyous day for Me and for you.

As you grew to know Me more, you trusted Me more with your wounded places. This opened up a space for an even deeper intimacy with Me. I came to you in a vision of power, love and as your Father God and filled up the hole in your heart. This began a journey of healing the deep wounds in your heart that led to you finding your true self…being My Beloved.

As time moved on, you sought Me and I answered with My Presence. You continue to grow into who I originally created you to be and that brings Me untold joy. That is my desire you know, to finish what I have started in you many years ago, even before the foundation of the earth when I chose you to be My own.

And so, My Delight, that brings us to the present moment, he one I want you to live into fully with Me. I will continue to gently grow you, lavishly love you because you are My Beloved. I can do no less. We are one eternally and I cannot wait until I see you face to face!

Your Lord, Your Liege, Your Love,


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