Saturday, December 05, 2015

Waiting in Advent

Waiting takes time. We wait for the sunrise very morning. We wait a whole year for Christmas to arrive. Some things happen only once in a lifetime that we wait for. God knows the perfect timing of our waiting and in the waiting He works on us so nothing of time is wasted. Advent weans coming, birthing, expectancy; We wait long for Your return just as Mary and all of Israel waited for Your first coming. May I be faithful to You in the waiting. believing in Your promises to me.

the bearing of pain without complaint or irritation, loss of temper
the willingness to suppress restlessness when confronted with delay
quiet steady perseverance, even tempered care; diligence
Synonyms: submissiveness, persistent courage in trying circumstances; to bear affliction or hardship; fortitude: patience and strength of character in the midst of hardship, pain or adversity; hear, humility, self-control, restraint, serenity.

Persistent, Steady
Bearing, Persevering, Enduring
Willingness to Courageously Submit

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