Thursday, October 29, 2015

Limitations are boundaries, not barriers.

"Each period of lief has its own purpose. This later one gives me the time to assimilate all the others. The task of this period of life is to come alive in ways I have never been alive before. 'We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.' E.M.Forster
These are the capstone years, the time in which a whole new life is in the making again. The gift of these years is of becoming more fully alive than ever.

Limitations are boundaries, not barriers. They limit us but do not stop us. In fact, limitation in one area simply making us develop in another. Limitations call out something in us that we never considered before. They also alert us to the needs of teach us to be sensitive to the needs of others. Being limited gives us an opportunity to learn both humility and patience. We stop expecting instant results. We can wait. We can try again. Limitations invite others to get involved. We create community out of the needs of others and the gifts we can bring to them, while they, in turn, enrich us. The truth is we are only as limited as we want to be. Age give us the opportunity to be icons of truth and courage, vision and possibility as never before."

wisdom that spoke personally to me from The Gift of Years by Joan Chittister

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

His Voice

Here is my lectio divina on Psalm 29.

Father God, Papa, I love the sound of Your voice so strong and fierce and powerful and mighty and yet so soft and tender and loving and compassionate. Your voice is what makes me love You, feel connected to You, feel special and delighted in. I thank You and praise You for the sound of Your voice in my heart. Glory resides in Your voice. Your voice makes the wilderness in my heart flee and opens up a place there for us to commune as ONE. How I adore the sweet sound of Your voice. Thank You for speaking with me so personally whenever I pause to listen. I praise Your glorious name!!!

Psalm 29 The Voice Translation

Give all credit to the Eternal, O heavenly creatures;
    give praise to Him for His glory and power.
Give to the Eternal the glory due His name;
    worship Him with lavish displays of sacred splendor.
The voice of the Eternal echoes over the great waters;
    God’s magnificence roars like thunder.
    The Eternal’s presence hovers over all the waters.
His voice explodes in great power over the earth.
    His voice is both regal and grand.
The Eternal’s voice shatters the cedars;
    His power splinters the great cedars of Lebanon.
He speaks, and Lebanon leaps like a young calf;
    Sirion jumps like a wild, youthful ox.
The voice of the Eternal cuts through with flames of fire.
The voice of the Eternal rumbles through the wilderness
    with great quakes;
    He causes Kadesh to tremble.
The Eternal’s voice brings life from the doe’s womb;
    His voice strips the forest bare,
    and all the people in the temple declare, “Glory!”
10 The Eternal is enthroned over the great flood;
    His reign is unending.
11 We ask You, Eternal One, to give strength to Your people;
    Eternal One, bless them with the gift of peace.