Friday, August 28, 2015

In answering the question from Renovation of the Heart in Daily Practice , Chapter 17 by Dallas Willard and Jan Johnson,  of “tell God who you want to be on the inside, reflecting the character of Christ”, here was my response from August 25, 2014…

I want to be like Jesus in that I can see past people’s outward behaviors to their hearts and see God’s image in them and call that forth or challenge it when necessary (like Jesus did the Pharisees or those judging the woman caught in adultery).

I want to be able to let people “go”, not force their decisions (like Jesus di with the rich young ruler, or the Father with the prodigal son) but wait with intention knowing God is working where I cannot see.

I want to live lightly and freely, trusting God in difficulties, hoping in Him, accessing His sufficient grace that is always available.

I want to accept my limitations, be willing to not have to be seen, heard, or valued by others because I know I am valued by God.

I want to be able to be corrected with grace and see it as a gift.

I want to be persistent, persevering in prayer when I don’t see any change.

I want to love others as God has loved me, accepting the person without accepting unhealthy behaviors.

I want to give up judging others and knowing only God can do that because only He knows their heart.

I want to return good for evil.

I want to love God as my first thing always.

I want to help people in a healthy way and lose my co-dependency.

I want to pray for people who annoy me instead of getting annoyed and see that they need a touch from Jesus in that place in them that annoys me. I want to ask myself, “How can I love this person in the next 10 seconds or 10 minutes?”

I want to learn how to listen like Jesus did and ask insightful questions that move people toward intention and change. I want to be lectio divina to people…reading them, reflecting on them, responding to them and then resting from trying to change them but realize God is the only One who can do that in them.

I want to be real, authentic, vulnerable and live from my true self. 

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