Thursday, July 30, 2015

Receiving the Day

What are days for? They are where we live. Large enough to absorb many activities but small enough that we can see them whole. We need to learn to live them one at a time...When we take time to notice each day, we embrace it as one in which God is present and then we receive the day as His gift.

In Genesis the day begins at dusk, "evening and morning, the first day." We go to sleep and God begins His work. It's His rhythm of grace. The practice of receiving the day is the cluster of activities that enable us to offer attention, daily, to the gracious presence and activity of God..

Offering attention to this day requires freedom from bondage to yesterday and from fear for tomorrow which releases energy for bold and creative living. The past does not hold the final word, the future is unwritten and now the task is to get through this one day.

Excerpt from Receiving the Day by Dorothy C Bass

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