Friday, March 20, 2015


I praise You God for...

  • the beauty of Your creation and what You create every single day.   
  • the frosty dew on  grass tops in spring that bring refreshment to the earth and reminds my heart You refresh me with rest in the night and sunrise every morning.
  • the green shoots of new life poking from the ground and the first blooms of spring on the yellow forsythia which tell me resurrection is possible.
  • the many colored flowers which grace my garden in summer and remind me of Your infinite love and care for me.
  • the laughter of grandchildren playing in the heat of a summers day showing me how You delight in my innocence and invite me to play and enjoy the moments because that's all You've given us.
  • the sun and sand and sea and shells which bring warmth and cool and soft and fun and family... all gifts to me from You and invite me into community with Your family: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • the cool refreshing breezes of fall and shorter days that turn the green into the rich hues of autumn with leaves crunching under foot releasing Your woodland potpourri.
  • the white blanket of pure white snow of winter that reminds me all must rest and die to be reborn again. Thank you for my rebirth in You.
  • the bright red cardinal against the pure white snow signaling Your blood has washed me clean. I am so, so grateful.
  • and once again, for the sweet song of spring on an early morning as the dawn arises and Your feathered friends sing a hallelujah to their Creator.

You are magnificent I love You!!!

Psalm 147:11 The Lord delights in those who are enraptured by Him, who put their hope in His unfailing love.

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