Saturday, March 21, 2015

Holy desire

Salvation is sin turned on its head and used in our formation. That is how transformative divine love is. God seems to be about "turning" our "loves" around and using them toward the Great Love that is their true object. You should not get rid of your sin until you have learned what it has to teach you. Otherwise it will only return in new forms and your last state will be worse than the first. Luke 11:24-26. Your sin and your gift are two sides of the same coin and you cannot fully face one without fully facing the other.  from Richard Rohr's Falling Upward

You learn what your sin has to teach you by looking at what root it has, what longing or desire are you trying to meet somewhere other than in God.  Then you ask Jesus how He wants to meet that desire in you. "Jesus, how have you meet my desire for _______ in the last 24 hours?"

There is no limit to My Love; it fills all of space, time and eternity. Jesus Calling

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