Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Dry bones need refreshing. Someone to breath life into them again, Moving from Winter toward Spring, I see the plants in my garden in this place - leaves dry and brown sit limp on a stalk...but new life lies underneath the surface, ready to come forth.

Come forth Lazarus, Jesus commands...even so He calls to me...come forth My Delight...it is Spring, the time of green grass, blue skies, fresh wind, sweet fragrance.... in you! As you allow Me to awaken the sleeping desires within your soul, you will experience more of Me in intimate ways - just as is your deepest longing.

Yes, I hear you . . . I know your desires. Keep asking Me, don't be shy and watch what I do. . .  in you, for you, for others. Ask and keep asking . . . seek and keep seeking . . .knock and keep knocking and you will receive My best for you.

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