Thursday, December 11, 2014

God's love for us

God has the heart of a Father who wants His children to obey Him so that i might go well for them and their children (His grandchildren, so to speak). So He tells us,
"Have no other gods, no other lovers that woo you, that take your attention of affection, but Me. I take you to be Mine, to be My treasured possession. Here is My law for you, here is My love for you I give you My name to make you Mine; do no use it in vain. I long to spend time with you, time set apart for you and Me and I call it Sabbath, an opportunity for you to rest from your work and trust that I will take care of everything.
I love you My Bride, BE united with me (with each other too as My Church), not coveting what each other has or lying, stealing, murdering, but honoring and loving and living out of Our love.

God knows how we say 'I do" but don't. God longs that our hearts would be inclined to be in wonder and awe of Him, enraptured by Him, that is what the word fear means in the original Hebrew. God knows we wander and He woos again and again.

The 10 Commandments are a command to relationship; to love vertically, horizontally, to love relationship.

Jesus is the love who doesn't just die the death we deserved to die; He lives the love we've desired to live. God gives God to keep the commandments for us. Love is the fulfillment of the Law. Jesus fulfilled all the law perfectly, (that is why He is the only one who could die on a Cross for our sins.
Ann Voskamp/the Greatest Gift.

I am more sinful and flawed than i ever dared believe, more loved and welcomed than I ever dared hope.  Elyse M Fitzpatrick

Thank You Jesus, for Your love making it possible to have a relationship with my Father God. Thank You Father God for loving me as much as You love Jesus and giving His/Your life for mine. May I be ever changed because of it, ever in awe of it, always in love and loving as a result of it.

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