Thursday, May 15, 2014

Just an ordinary day.....

They just drop me off here, day after day, along with all the other "sickies" because they have nothing else to do with us but gather the "less than's" all in one place, hoping we will get our chance in the waters when the Angel comes with healing in his wings and deposits it in the pool so that by some obscure chance, we might receive a healing. Meanwhile there is no physical therapy or occupational therapy...we just wait...and wait... 38 years of waiting. It's become almost a profession, the daily waiting, that's turned into hopelessness and now I'm a victim. "I can't" rules my thoughts and now my actions so I've given up, I don't even try anymore.
And then He walks in; a crowd is following and all of us are at attention. He's different. No disgust in His eyes, just compassion. He walks through the crowds of us; He's coming closer and all of a sudden, He's in front of me and asks me just one riveting questions that I don't quite understand.

 "Do you want to get well?"

At first I think, "Duh! Of course I want to get well!" but what comes out of my mouth is "I can't" which only reflects my hopelessness and my lack of faith that I could possibly get well, ever! But that doesn't stop Him. He tells me to get up and walk...rather an absurd statement to tell a crippled person...and yet something in His words sends feeling into my body. I feel energy in my legs where before they were dark and heavy and lifeless. Even more than that, His concern for me, His desire to want me to walk gives me the courage to lift me off my mat and before I even know it, I AM walking!!!

He didn't need my faith or even desire. He just imparted life to my deadness and gave me an entire new life in just that one act. And then He was gone... no words for anyone else, no fanfare.

Later I ran into Him ( HA! How joyful those words are to my soul... I RAN into Him!) in the Temple and he told me now that I was well to stop sinning. How odd, I thought. And yet just being in His Presence gives me the desire to clean up my life inside like He did on my outside. Who IS this man? All of Jerusalem is a buzz wanting to know, especially the Temple leaders. I better share this news with them. They'll probably be so excited to know THIS is the Man with healing words.....

JohnJust 5:1-15

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