Thursday, February 20, 2014

from slavery to sainthood

I was contemplating how Jesus brings us out of slavery to sin into becoming daughters of God and joint heirs with Jesus and how amazing that is.  Here is how i imagined it...
I'm a slave on a plantation, no rights, only work from sun up to way past sundown...i work hard but earn nothing except some food to sustain me to get up the next day and do it all over again... no hope of my circumstances ever changing...a true dead end life....and then someone comes to the plantation and buys me for a very high price, more than I'm worth and doesn't make me a slave on His plantation but adopts me as a daughter, takes me into His mansion, clothes me in the best dresses, gives me access to all He owns, offers me a check book with unlimited funds and loves, me delights in me, enjoys my company...and invites me to linger in long conversations in front of the fire and writes me into His will....i scarce can take it in....but THIS is exactly what my Jesus did for me! Who couldn't love a Man like this????

Sunday, February 16, 2014

as You wish

Oh Jesus, i hate to even dare to think where i would be if You had not drunk the cup of sin that was so undeserved and so depraved. I cannot bear to even ponder what all was in that cup, no less look beyond all my sinfulness without You to see where i would be if You had said no to Your Father. My heart is overwhelmed with sorrow for You and what You had to endure...and gratitude that You did so that the world might be redeemed and have a relationship with God and You and Your Holy Spirit. Thanks You isn't enough. I adore You is but even more than just saying I adore You, i want to adore you with the way I live and relate to other and respond in willing obedience to whatever You ask of me.  I want to say "as You wish" just as You said "as You wish" to Your Father in the garden of Gethsemane. I want everyday to be a day i say yes to You.

I drank that cup out of my love for my Father because even though it looked like His intentions toward me were not good, I know Him and His good was not only for me, knowing i would experience resurrection and life eternal but also that i would complete my purpose. His intentions were deeply good also for the whole world to have the opportunity to be reconciled back to Him as well as being totally just in judging all sin and death. He could do no less than have a plan that not only saved His own but judged all the sin in the world. When you wonder about your circumstances and they look dire and you wonder if His intentions for you are good, I understand even more...but know nothing can separate you from His love and good intentions...ever.