Saturday, January 25, 2014


I absolutely love Shauna Niequist and the way she expresses herself on paper. Today i read about friendship in Cold Tangerines and want to share what spoke so deeply to me in her own words:

Friendship is acting out God's love for people in tangible ways. We were made to represent the love of God in each other's lives, so that each person we walk through life with has a more profound sense of God's love for them. Friendship is an opportunity to act on God's behalf in the lives of people that we're close to, reminding each other who God is. When we do the hard, intimate work of friendship, we bring a little more of the divine into daily life. We get to remind one another about the bigger, more beautiful picture that we can't always see from where we are.

True friendship is a sacred, important thing and it happens when we drop down into that deeper level of who we are, when we cross over into the broken, fragile parts of ourselves. We have to give up something in order to get friendship like that. We have to give up our need to be perceived as perfect. We have to give up our ability to control what people think of us... but what we give up is nothing compared to what this kind of friendship gives to us. Friendship and love are about risk...but if it's really love, really friendship, it's a little scary around the edges....What we are doing here is representing the goodness and love of God in tangible ways.

To me this is living wholeheartedly and living braveheartedly.
Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength...and your neighbor as you yourself have been loved by God.

Monday, January 06, 2014

Grace is smashing  the calculator and using all the broken buttons and pieces to make a mosaic.

Grace isn’t about having a second chance; grace is having so many chances that you could use them through all eternity and never come up empty.

It’s when you finally realize the other shoe isn’t going to drop, ever.

It’s the moment you feel as precious and handmade as every star, when you feel, finally, at home for the very first time.

Grace is when you finally stop keeping score and when your realize that God never was, that His game is a different one entirely.

Grace is when the silence is so complete that you can hear your own heart beat and right within your ribs God’s beating heart too.

Grace allows me to do more than just erase my mistakes; it allows me to become more than I was when I did those things.

From Bittersweet by Shauna Niequist