Thursday, February 28, 2013

Conflict Checklist

Does anybody else struggle with how to handle conflict? I found this great checklist in my journal from last year and needed the reminder. Maybe it will help you too?

Value the love that IS in your life instead of focusing on what’s missing
Set limits: this is not a good time to talk.
Say no without giving an excuse why not
Write down resentments daily to be come aware: see where I am the problem (haven’t said no, no boundary, haven’t detached) Take responsibility for my negative response.
If being treated unfairly, speak up asap
Wait to be asked to give advice, turn off autopilot
Don’t go into coaching mode automatically, ask for permission
Stop over giving and graciously accept when people give to you with a thank you and nothing more.
Go slowly with your yes, step away and think it through, don’t automatically go with my heart
Allow others to be responsible for their own behavior, don’t rescue or protect.
Develop assertiveness and objectivity
Don’t discount, brush off or explain why compliments were undeserved.

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