Thursday, February 28, 2013

Conflict Checklist

Does anybody else struggle with how to handle conflict? I found this great checklist in my journal from last year and needed the reminder. Maybe it will help you too?

Value the love that IS in your life instead of focusing on what’s missing
Set limits: this is not a good time to talk.
Say no without giving an excuse why not
Write down resentments daily to be come aware: see where I am the problem (haven’t said no, no boundary, haven’t detached) Take responsibility for my negative response.
If being treated unfairly, speak up asap
Wait to be asked to give advice, turn off autopilot
Don’t go into coaching mode automatically, ask for permission
Stop over giving and graciously accept when people give to you with a thank you and nothing more.
Go slowly with your yes, step away and think it through, don’t automatically go with my heart
Allow others to be responsible for their own behavior, don’t rescue or protect.
Develop assertiveness and objectivity
Don’t discount, brush off or explain why compliments were undeserved.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Confession is good for the soul....

Abba, Papa,
The times I have sinned and been prideful or not truly lived into Your truth are so numerous. I am ashamed. I try to find You more and more throughout my day and yet forget time and time again. My sins and short-comings present me with a list of debts that I cannot pay for their number is astronomical. But thank You, Jesus, for canceling out my certificate of debt, nailing it on the cross; Your blood stamping “paid in full, now and forever.”
Please continue to blot out in my life my corruptions and teach me to choose Your way over my own.
I do not want the lusting of my mind to rule me, I want Your rule in my heart, mind and soul because that is where true freedom lies.
Thank You for not answering all of the prayers I pray, in the way I want or in my timing because I have asked from wrong motives or without wisdom. Continue to say “no” to any wrongful prayers I pray but don’t let that keep me from praying. I want my prayers to align with Your desires, not just mine.
Purge me from every false desire, everything that in any way goes against You and Your rule.
I thank You for all Your wisdom and love toward me, even in Your acts of discipline, for Your refiner’s fire that purifies my gold by removing the dross, so You can see Your reflection in me.
The hardest trials are not the one’s You bring to me, for those are for my good and Your Glory, but the ones that came from within when I seek my own way.
If You would give me the choice between living in pleasure and keeping my sins or have them burnt away with trial, I choose sanctified affliction. I trust You not only know best but that Your intentions toward me are deeply good.
Deliver me from every evil habit that seems okay to me, everything that dims the brightness of Your grace in me, anything that keeps me from delighting in Your Presence with me and making You my “first thing.”
I bless You, Papa, for having an intense desire for me to live into the person You originally intended me to be.
I adore You…. as You wish…..

Written as a paraphrase of Confession and Petition from The Valley of Vision on 2/3/2012