Saturday, November 10, 2012

What if . . .

If what you are thinking about yourself actually came true, always happened just because you thought that way, how would you change your thinking?
I found this question intriguing. Here are my answers....

1.  I live out of a God-economy, knowing as I obediently listen to where my Master wants me to use His resources, I respond with joy as I give to others, knowing His provision is always more than enough because He is generous and I cannot out give God! I desire to live giving.

2.  It is good to examine my sin, shadow side and shortcomings because God wants to meet me there, forgive me, show me His grace is sufficient for me and give me opportunities to grow through my confession and receive his gracious forgiveness.

3.  I am attached to God and God alone, not to my comfort, esteem, influence or security but desire to please God first and foremost over people or myself.

4.  I am letting God transform me by renewing my mind, setting new pathways, giving up the old, false self and living fully into my new true self.

5.  I live in the present moment focusing on His Presence, trusting that He'll be with me in the future, because He lives in me. Gods got it covered. When He reminds me "I've got this!" I relax. I desire to walk resting.

6. I live from a grateful heart, ware of the multitude of gifts He showers me with throughout my day and I thank Him along the way. This moment by moment awareness invites me to enjoy His Presence throughout my day. It also inspires me to live giving from a generous heart, sowing what I've reaped . . .

7.  I live past my fears of the unknown or new situations, believing it's an opportunity for growth. I like growth so I embrace the unknown with excitement  not fear. I allow myself to make mistakes without condemnation because that is to be expected as I am learning. I can learn from my mistakes as well.

8.  I let go of my expectations of others because they leave me with feelings of entitlement, where I expect my needs to be met by others (which is pride) and with feelings of disappointment when others do not meet my needs. I allow God to fulfill my desire and longings as He sees fit and in His perfect timing, knowing that His intentions for me are deeply good.


Terresa Taylor said...

I absolutely loved this pondering question, I just had to do a tag of it I hope you don't mind and I did mention it came from you Im quite new to this Blogger spot :) how can I subscribe to your page.

Deitra said...

Thanks Terresa for your comment. You can subscribe by going to the right hand side of my blog and entering either your email or click on subscribe.