Sunday, July 08, 2012

Lectio Divina on Psalm 21: 1-7
How I rejoice in Your strength Papa, I shout with joy because You have given me victory over this life. You
have given me my heart’s true desire, oneness with You, the only One who satisfies, You have withheld nothing of Yourself from me. When I ran away all on my own from You, You welcomed me back into Your loving, fatherly arms and gave me success and prosperity. You placed Your own crown on my head and pronounced me Your own, Your Delight. You have preserved my very life forever by Your sacrifice for me on the Cross. The days of my life will stretch on forever because of your sacrifice for me. Your victory on the Cross brings me great honor . . . You put Your splendid, majestic robe of  Righteousness on me and offer me Your inheritance as a co-heir with Jesus. You have endowed me with blessings now AND into eternity and have given me the best blessing of all – the joy of Your Presence. For I trust in You Lord. Your unfailing love will keep me forever.