Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Life is simple.

Seek  God first above all else.
Imagine God/Jesus/Holy Spirit in a personal relationship with you. Converse as if they are seated                                  in the chair next to you. Listen as they speak to you.
Meditate on God's Word: written and personal
Practice His Presence: Ask yourself: Where do I see God in my day?
Live in the Moment: Savor each minute; it's the only one you really have.
Eucharisteo: meaning thankfulness. Eucharisteo always preceded the miracle.


Donna Taylor said...

love the "simplicity" of your message here Deitra! Our ladies group is reading through "Calvary Road" and we talked long yesterday about how important it is to keep our walk with God "simple" yet FULL. People complicate it -- yet HE is always calling us back to a simple faith walk. Thank you for saying it "again" --
you are loved!

August Thurmer said...

Deitra, thank you for sharing this. It touched my heart!

Deitra said...

Thanks for the encouragement Donna, and August. I love how God uses us to encourage each other.