Monday, January 30, 2012


As I was reading about Jesus cooking fish for the disciples after His resurrection, I asked Him, "What is Your invitation to me?"

  • Come have breakfast with Me, everyday. Receive what I have prepared for you, sustainanace, meat and bread, manna for your soul. I've gone ahead of you and prepared it - it is waiting for your arrival.
  • Look for me in surprising places, places you do'nt expect to see me, (yes, go on a God Hunt) and you'll be blessed.
  • Leave your "work" to companion with Me throughout your day. You'll go back to your owkr but take little moments to be with me. I desire your presence with Me, your awareness of Me. That creates intimacy with me. Walking with Me is one of those times
  • Lunch with Me too - it 's a good time to read "other" books that I can speak to you through that you might not have time for during your morning time with Me
  • I want you to delight in Me, in My company with you. I will prepare moments and call you away to Me. Remember those are priority moments that will keep me as the first ting in your life.
  • Eat small . . . let Me fill you to fullness.

Jesus, how I love You, love the way You always speak to me whenever I come to You and ask "what's up?" I pray I will come to You more throughout my day.

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