Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The New Day

The beauty of the new day greets me, smiling
Coolness even though August
and He awaits my company
Heart delighting, smiling
as I come to meet my God . . .
Precious moments are these few
never enough, always fulfilling
spilling into me, out of me into the day ---
solitude and serene.
The babbling brook reminding me
Streams of Living Water live in me
IN ME! I cannot take it in -
His gift to me is He, Himself
within my very flesh
so I am not alone.
"My Delight," He smiles into my heart.
"My Delight," I echo to His heart.


Rii said...


Stephen Phillip Porter said...

Beautiful sentiments in writing. I'm visiting from my brother-in-law's blog "Eye on a Sparrow" as he shared some of your writing there. Great to meet you in the blogosphere and see your heart for our Lord.

God bless!

Manifest Blog

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