Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The New Day

The beauty of the new day greets me, smiling
Coolness even though August
and He awaits my company
Heart delighting, smiling
as I come to meet my God . . .
Precious moments are these few
never enough, always fulfilling
spilling into me, out of me into the day ---
solitude and serene.
The babbling brook reminding me
Streams of Living Water live in me
IN ME! I cannot take it in -
His gift to me is He, Himself
within my very flesh
so I am not alone.
"My Delight," He smiles into my heart.
"My Delight," I echo to His heart.

Fear Criticism? Why avoid it?

Recently I was challenged to reframe criticism from rejection to growth opportunity. Criticism can be . . . a new perspective on what I haven't seen before that could help me grow into who God wants me to be . . . shared because someone loves me and wants the best for me (even if their approach could use a little help!) . . . uncovering my blind-spots . . . a nugget of truth in every criticism even if the criticism is not totally true . . . used by God to help me release pride and grow in humility . . . makes me approachable if I'm open to it. Can you see any other way to reframe criticism to help you grow? Give it a try next time you encounter the pointed finger in your face.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Invitation from God

What party is that? The BEST party you would EVER want to experience, one where you get the best presents, the ones you always wanted and ones that fulfill your every desire and wish. Where is this incredible party you ask? Heaven! Here's how I picture this party to look like for me, maybe for you . . .

The party begins the moment the angels close my eyes on this earth for the last time. Then the adventure begins. I get a special escort; angels will be on either side of me; when I arrive at the Celestial City and open the door (is it really an actual pearl gate? who knew?)I hear an excited and celebratory "SURPRISE!"
Every friend, every family member even some I don't know who have gone on before me will be there to celebrate my entrance to the Party. Streamers, confetti, celebration, music, a feast greet me!!!! Then my brother, Jesus, is standing in front of me, smiling, saying "I couldn't wait for you to get here!" He puts His brotherly arm around my shoulder and hugs me tightly. Then he places an exquisite jeweled crown on my head. I can't believe my eyes. He tells me that every burden, every trial, every affliction that I embraced for His sake has turned into a unique sparkling jewel that was place in my crown, made especially for me, no two crowns alike. I turn right around and take the crown from my head and present it to Jesus saying "It was all YOU! You deserve this crown." He graciously receives it from my hand and thanks me with a smile that warms to the deepest place in my heart.

I realize this is like the best surprise party I never had on earth, only a million times better because there are surprises awaiting me that are beyond my wildest imagination.

Now Jesus walks by my side as escorts me into the Presence of the King, my Dad, Papa. God enfolds me in His arms and I realize this is what I was made for and I never want to be anywhere else. Oh the joy, contentment, excitement, abundance! Every good feeling that I'd ever hoped to experience, I will experience in that moment. And the good news is this Party never ends! The focus may change but it is an ongoing Party nevertheless and one that continues into infinity and beyond!

By the way, you are invited; Are you coming? Oh how I hope so. If I get there before you, I want to see your face when you open the door and I yell, "SURPRISE!" and give you a huge hug and we get to experience your homecoming together with exceeding joy. For "in His Presence is fullness of joy." Ps 16:11

This party is really not that far away . . . I can't wait! How about you?