Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What door will you walk through?

We have many choices in a day, which way will we "go", which door will we walk through. I want to walk through the door that leads to life and that door always means aligning myself with God. Did you know that just being in His Presence brings about transformation? And that His desire for you is to become the me you were meant to be from before the foundation of the earth, which is your true self?

Here are a couple quotes that speak that truth.
Enable me to be open to Your transforming Presence.
from the Blue Book pg 312 Jim Branch

Transformation means recovering the life you are given in God.
from Journaling as a Spiritual Practice pg 44 Helen Cepero

Your true self . . .
I love that just being in Your Presence, God/Papa, is transforming - not doing anything but being, abiding . . a powerful motivator for keeping company with You, Jesus, throughout my day.
Will I choose to be who You intended for me to be . . . or not? I have a choice - if I align myself with You and Your will for me, I can become my true self. O glorious day when that becomes a full reality in my life.


Jenn Meyers said...

Enjoyed this post, and how it emphasizes how each choice we make affects our relationship with god. Thanks so much for sharing, and I am looking forward to reading more!

Colleen said...

I really enjoy and love your post. Thanks for sharing this.

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