Thursday, May 20, 2010

God listens . . .

Sometimes I think I must jump through certain hoops to get God to listen to me. Is it the position I pray in that makes prayer "work"? Or the words I say, in a certain way, over a certain period of time? Or maybe if I write my requests in my journal God is more likely to answer.
Is God available to me at anytime, every day, in every moment? Is there some special thing I must do before He will hear my prayers?

Since God is omnipresent (always here and everywhere at once) and since he lives in me and I live in Him and since He loves me unconditionally and accepts me as His Beloved, then there should not be anything special I need to do to get His attention. He is always attentive, always listening to me.

Relate this to your own children. As long as they are in your presence, you hear them. You don't say to them, "I'm not hearing you. First go clean your room and then I'll hear you." [OK, maybe you HAVE said THAT on occasion!) But does God say that to us? No, He is always hearing us, always listening.

Now that does not mean He always answers the way we want Him too. (He knows better than that and sometimes we are so glad He did NOT answer the way we wanted Him too. Sometimes we can see His wisdom in that.) When we request things of God, we usually think we know the best way for Him to answer, and often I tell God that, "If you would just do A, B and C, we'll be good to go!" Now I know none of you ever do that, right? :) But truly even though we are looking for a yes, sometimes God answers but we don't receive it because His answer is "no" or "wait" or "I have a BETTER idea" or "just BE with Me and trust that I've got this under control."

"Jesus knew the Father was listening not just when he prayed but all the time whenever He spoke. God was always responding to Jesus' words, whether they were addressed to the Father or addressed to someone else. For Jesus, the line between praying and just speaking became very thin. God is the constant gracious listener to our every thought."

But that was JESUS. Well, news flash, if you are a believer, who is living inside of you? Jesus. The Holy Spirit. And John 17:23 tells me that God loves me as much as He loves Jesus. So God hears us just as much as He does Jesus. Wow, that is a revelation for me.

Since God is the constant gracious listener to our every thought, shouldn't we return the favor?

quotes in italics from The Me I Want to Be by John Ortberg p. 134-5

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