Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Clean Slate

Papa, I rejoice in You, in another day to live in Your love and hear Your voice and be with You. I need you Jesus, desperately, in every way. Be with me today. Thank You that You ask me to just BE with you as well. I love You.
Do not worry; I will sustain you because I love you and because I can. My mercies truly are brand new every single morning. You truly do get to be a "beginner" every single day, a do-over, a fresh slate on which I can write your story . . . or you can. Choose ME to write your story and you'll find LIFE even if you have to walk through some valleys of death. Die to self so you can live to Me.

"Stillness is always the prerequisite for receptivity."

"God notices things about you your mother has never even thought about."

"Eyes that cannot see might be healed but eyes that will not see cannot be helped. God Himself will not force them open."

quotes from Love Beyond Reason by John Ortberg pp.41, 45, 46.

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