Monday, January 11, 2010

Heart Walk - Heart Talk

It's been probably a month since I've had my daily walk but today was the day, start of a new week and a new year so I put on my long johns, my sweats, my scarf, hat, gloves, with soapstone handwarmers in my pockets for an extra touch of warmth if I needed it (which after my bundle up I probably would not), I braved the 28 degree cold (with windchill felt like 20!). If you know me at all I have a very limited degree of comfort (my hubbys says it is from 76-78 degrees and that's it!) so this was a big step for me.

It actually felt invigorating! I felt my heart pumping, thus I call this my "heart walk" but also felt the breath of the Holy Spirit breathing inside me as I breathed in the cold air. I love my morning walks because they are pure crytalline moments where I hear the sweet whispers of Papa and thus I call this my "heart talk" as well. (maybe I should say it is my heart talk walk! :))

Today He was speaking to me about approval, of me and me of others. I asked Him, "How do I approve of others when I don't approve of their behaviors?" I felt He answered, "You approve of their true self, the person I originally intended them to be and am conforming them into; and you call that person into being by affirming and approving of that person." You know how when someone compliments you on something you don't see in yourself and you are surprised. You might respond by saying, "Boy, I want to be more of that!" and so you begin to be open to becoming that true self.
This was an "ah-ha" for me today.

I'm so glad I ventured out.

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