Friday, July 10, 2009

A Burning Bush

Wednesday I was on my early morning walk around the neighbor. I passed by a little creek and glanced at it and noticed some "stirring" in the water. I thought, "that's odd" and then heard a splash and thought "is that a dog swimming in the creek?" So I turned aside from my walk to investigate. To my surprise I saw two creatures. At first I thought, "Are those beavers???" (There had actually been reports of some beavers in the neighbor) But as I continued to look, one climbed out on a log and instead of a big flat tail it had a long skinny tail . . . river otters!!! They went back in the water and turned to look at me with their little heads popping out of the creek the way river otters do. I was amazed! I watched them for a few minutes and then went on with my walk. Now I wished I had stayed a while!

For me this was a God Hunt moment. How often do you see river otters in a creek in your neighborhood???? This was a first for ME! God knows how connected I feel to Him in and through nature and this was an early morning "gift" saying to me, "See how I delight in surprising you with fun little gifts just because I love you?" I could just see the expression on God's face as I "found" the gift He had waiting for me.

As I thought about this, I remembered Moses "turning aside" to investigate an unusual sight: a burning bush that did not burn up. And in that moment God spoke to him. What if Moses had not turned aside? What if I had not? I would have missed something very special from God's heart to mine.

I'm grateful I'm learning to live in the moment and cherish each and every one. What a gift each moment from my God is to me!!!!

Remember to turn aside when you sense One calling you to do so. You may experience a God moment along with me and Moses.

(this image was taken from igoogle and is not the real otters I saw)


Sharon Hayes said...

What a special moment w/our Lord, when I'm out in nature's cathedral I love the fellowship w/Him there - nothing like it. Thanks for sharing this.

Deitra said...

I know what you mean Sharon, God so speaks to me through nature. Hope you see Him today through His glorious creation.