Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fallow Field

I'm reading the greatest book, flying through it, can't wait to get into it every single morning. Living Prayer by Robert Benson. This line struck me today: "We pray that we may so use such time (on a retreat) to renew our minds; by letting our minds lie fallow for a time, by not engaging them every waking moment in the things that pass away." p101

I was thinking about how just "being" with God, and being silent in prayer, not saying anything or expecting to hear anything, just allowing my mind to be "fallow" is so needful. The Lord commanded his people to let their land lie fallow every 7 years AND every 7X7 years or 49 years in order to produce a more fruitful crop. The year of Jubilee was the 50th year after all those fallow years, a huge celebration.

Who knew that leaving our minds to be fallow in silent prayer would or could produce so very much????

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Sharon Hayes said...

I love sitting quiet before the Lord, just being in His presence & soak in Hiw peace & comfort. Thanks for sharing this - I'll have to get this book. (Don't forget about Bridal Intercession. . by Gary Wiens I think you'll love it too.)