Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hard times

How many of us are struggling in some way, shape or form with difficulties today? My neck and shoulders have been bothering me since my bumpy 4 hour trip to Ghamba in Kenya. That was Novemeber 2008, almost 4 months ago. I keep thinking if I just wait long enough, it will get better. I pray for God to heal me and nothing changes. Finally I went to physical therapy yesterday and a shred of hope is dawning even as I do my exercises and sometimes the pain increases. Then I think about those I know personally who are enduring so much worse: my friend who endures excruiating back pain, my friend who is dealing with returning cancer. God gave me an encouraging word today as I seek to do the hard work of pressing through my difficulties as opposed to praying for Him to just take them away.
"Hold fast, My child, for in the hour of anguish, then shall you walk in victory. Do not pray to be brought out of the fire until after you have found Me real in the midst of it. The coward seeks release from the pressure. The courageous pray for strength to overcome."
Daniel 3:27 And the princes, governors, and captains, and the king's counsellors, being gathered together, saw these men, upon whose bodies the fire had no power, nor was an hair of their head singed, neither were their coats changed, nor the smell of fire had passed on them.
Father, give me courage to pray for Your strength to be strong when I am weak and to remain where I am until I have found YOU in the midst of the difficulty. Thank you that You ARE here with me and only want me to cling to YOU!
(from Come Away My Beloved: 365 One Minute Meditations)

photo credit: Ernest von Rosen,
(Notice the cross in the middle of the fire!!!! How cool is that!)

PS:Whenever my pain annoys me, I take that as God reminding me to pray for my two friends that are in a harder place than me. This gives some value to my pain and takes my focus off of me. Thus in some unusual way, my pain has become a gift.


Jim and Barb George said...

Good Morning Detra!

As a TBI SURVIVOR (!) I sometimes need the push to remember how fortunate I am. I walk (sometimes with help of hiking poles or a cane). I can cook (early in the day--too many nice pans have been lost to late hour cooking!). I can talk (again--early is best, as aphasia sets in. I have daily pain at the point of injury, and memory losses. I am not disabled. I am DifferentlyAbled.
Some days our Loving Lord needs to use His skills to remind me of my joy. I am grateful for His loving kindness!

Thanks Friend!

Jim and Barb George said...

OOps! Sorry Deitra! Forgot the 'i'.... URGHHHH!


Deitra said...

Thanks for sharing how you relate to this post. I love your perspectiv: differently-abled! That is rich!

brentedus said...

Sweet mum.This is great.
Thanks to God for giving u strength during this painful moment.
Am encouraged by your words to move on.The words are very inspiring.God gives beauty for ashes.
Am trusting him for a new job 4 my boyfriend who is very stressed.

Am with u in prayer.
I love u mum