Thursday, February 12, 2009

God Hunt: Edition 2

God has a sense of humor, don't you think? If you look at my post from July 7th, you'll notice I reference a "fellow life coach." Today I actually met her, on the phone! I was introduced to her blog through a friend, Kelly Angell, who knew and loved her and thought I would too. That was in October of 2007. Today I finally emailed her directly and we wound up chatting on the phone for an hour! She is a lovely and gracious woman who I feel privileged to know and is now the first "official follower" of my blog(she even helped me set it up which turned out to be a lengthy ordeal, was she ever patient!). I encourage you to go to her blog and check out the wisdom she shares. That is where I got my first exposure to the "God Hunt" and she often has very thought provoking posts. Thanks Kathryn for sharing your wisdom, musings and heart with all of us!

By the way, I've recommitted to updating my blog at least monthly so check back again. I promise I won't wait 5 months again!

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