Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another doe sighting!

Some of you were wondering if the picture I posted of the doe was actually her. The answer is . . . no, sorry. I did not have time to run back to the house, get my camera and run back and hope she would still be there. BUT the good news is she appeared again this afternoon, around 3:30PM in my backyard this time, in the middle of the day, go figure! This time I grabbed my camera and took two quick pixs of her (while I was on the phone to my lifecoach discussing homework, so I was a bit limited as to how many I could take). Here she is! What are the chances I would see her again so soon? Of course this morning I did take some old moldy bread and put it on several tree stumps down near where I saw her before and when I checked after she left this afternoon, ALL the bread was gone! I think I have a friend for life!

1 comment:

Sharon Hayes said...

What a blessing, your "doe friend". Your backyard is beautiful. Thanks for sharing the blessings.