Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another doe sighting!

Some of you were wondering if the picture I posted of the doe was actually her. The answer is . . . no, sorry. I did not have time to run back to the house, get my camera and run back and hope she would still be there. BUT the good news is she appeared again this afternoon, around 3:30PM in my backyard this time, in the middle of the day, go figure! This time I grabbed my camera and took two quick pixs of her (while I was on the phone to my lifecoach discussing homework, so I was a bit limited as to how many I could take). Here she is! What are the chances I would see her again so soon? Of course this morning I did take some old moldy bread and put it on several tree stumps down near where I saw her before and when I checked after she left this afternoon, ALL the bread was gone! I think I have a friend for life!

Monday, July 07, 2008

A God Hunt

A few weeks ago I ran across a fellow lifecoach's blog that shared how she had gone on a "God Hunt" to see where she saw God in her day. I liked the idea and have been trying to remember to intentionally look for Him throughout my day and to record in my journal whenever I had a "God Find." The last few days I've not been paying so much attention to this, so today during my morning time with God I told Him I wanted "eyes to see and ears to hear Him."

A little while later (it was @ 9:40 AM by now), I decided to walk my "greens" out to the compost pile. As I approached the area in the back of our yard where we throw our compost, I looked up and at the same moment a doe looked up from where she was feeding on kudzu in a cleared part of our woods, but only 20 feet from where I stood. I think we startled each other and she jumped a few feet. I fully expected her to bound off into the woods but she just stood still, looking at me as if to say, "Are you dangerous? If not, I'll stay." I stood stock still, wanting her to stay and whispered, "I won't hurt you." She stared at me for another minute and then continued feeding on the greens closest to her, every now and then looking up at me to make sure I was safe.

We were just "together" for probably 3 or 4 minutes as she made her way slowly to the back part of the cleared area as she nibbled on leaves and bamboo. Finally she stepped behind a tree and began to make her way back into the woods until all I could see were her hind legs (that looked exactly like two little tree trunks). If it wasn't for the black stripe on her tail and the fact that I hadn't taken my eyes off of her the entire time, I would not have been able to spot her at all. Then, she took one step, and disappeared behind bits of bamboo and brush.
I put the watermelon rinds I was carrying on a tree stump as a sweet offering to let her know I appreciate dthe visit and in hopes that she would return and remember this was a "safe" place for her to feed.

I was amazed at this encounter with a deer so close to me and the timing of me walking out there just when the doe was there AND the fact that she did not run off when I startled her.
What was even more coincidental was the fact that this morning during my quiet time, I read a section called "Hawks" out of John Eldredge's new book Walking with God (which I absolutely am loving!). He spoke of a similar encounter with a hawk and how hawks, to him, symbolize God's presence, His freedom and beauty.
"The earth is the Lord's and everything in it. Psalm 24:1 God is speaking to us all the time. Sometimes He uses words. Other times He uses dreams. And He loves to use the everchanging, unfolding beauty, drama and presence of His creation." pg118

I wrote all this in my journal (BEFORE I saw the doe) and this as well: God speaks to John E. through His wonders in nature, just like He does to me! Thank you Papa-God for sharing Yourself through Your creation with us. It gives me eyes to see You more and more, everywhere, especially in Your creation! Not that I think they are You, just a symbol and that You are wild, untamable, fast, slow, free, lovely and so much more.

As I pondered what I had written just moments before my doe sighting/God Find, I thought, " How odd I would "happen" to read that in Walking with God this very morning. No, not odd, but how God!"

Go on your own God Hunt and just watch for how He might show up in Your day!