Wednesday, July 18, 2007

When the Heart Waits

I highly recommend When the Heart Waits by Sue Monk Kidd (Secret Life of Bees) It is helping me see that during this season of waiting there is a lot
the Lord is wanting to transform in me.

I'm seeing so much of my security is wrapped up in external,
temporary things (like having a job) that I'm not really trusting God and
thus I'm anxious. I never have considered myself a worrier, I've just
never been one! But now I'm starting to see some of my real self and that God
has me in a growth season to transform this in me. That excites me even
though it is painful. But there is something about pain with a purpose
that makes it so worthwhile and easier to embrace somehow.

Anyway I'm excited to see that God has something good for me during this
season of "active waiting".


Sharon Hayes said...

Deitra, John was asked to step down from a pastoring position and we had no where to go became one of the most wonderful times w/the Lord in praise & worship I had ever had up to that point; it also was the most frightening and painful time I had ever had in my Christian walk. But the Lord is always faithful, he has always been the Lord of the 11:59 HOUR not early but not late.

I will continue praying for you.

Deitra said...

Thanks Sharon. It is always nice to know there are those who truly understand what this time is all about. We so appreciate your prayers.