Friday, June 29, 2007

Long Time, No Blog

I feel so bad that I've abandoned my blog for the past few months but lots has been happening.

1. As of May 31, Rob is no longer with Heart for Africa. For several reasons, no one reason in particular, he felt it was best to resign. It is with sadness in our hearts that we are leaving but with peace and hope for whatever God has next for us pioneers! He told me it will be "Simply the Best with a capital B" !
so we are now in the praying and waiting mode. This is a bigger step of faith than we have ever taken (isn't that just like God to push us forward in our growth and dependence on Him?). If you know of the perfect job, let us know, we're open

2. My job with Heart for AFrica and HOW took a new direction and a more business-savvy person was needed so I stepped aside.

3. We have been blessed with several wonderful "free" beach trips.
*Sunset Beach, NC thanks to Pat and Jerry McInnes in May. We met Jenni and the triplets as well as Pat and Jer and had a great time. I took 400 pixs of Eli, Ali, Tegan and made an online photobook for Rob of the trip for his June 19th bday.

*June 1-10 to Destin, Fl with Aimee, Justin and the girls. So fun!

*July1-7 Bach to Destin with Jenni, Scott and the triplets.

4. Two new granddaughters in the cooker! Aimee and Melissa are both pregnant, due 6 days apart in September and both are having girls again! That makes 10 grandchildren (and only ONE boy, Eli!).

5. On April 25, our dear friend, Chip Kinnebrew, died due to a cycling accident. It is a terrible tragedy. He was cycling along the Tour de Georgia route down an extremely steep hill from the highest point in Georgia, Brasstown Bald, and went off the road and hit a rock wall. He suffered a cardiac arrest on the scene, had punctured lungs, broken neck and back vertabrae but eventually was revived. He was put on life support but never came out of the deep coma he was in. Once life support was removed, he died two hours later. We all feel God went ahead and took him home on that mountain. He will be missed by many. Please pray for his wife Ann and their four girls, Abby 25, Gwen 22, Alison 18, Kelsey 14.

6. I just returned from leading a Christian Women's Retreat in Wisconsin for several pastor's wives. My longtime friend, Debbie Millman, invited me to come. Our theme was Escape into the Arms of Love. We had a refreshing time away with God and enjoyed hearing His personal word to us individually in our hearts. Wisconsin is a beautiful state, lush, green fields and mountains, and the weather was cool so it was a wonderful experience for me. If you would like to book me for a retreat for your friends, I'd be glad to talk to you about it. Leave a comment!

7. It is raining now which is a welcome sight here in Georgia since we are in drought condtions so I have to go listen to the rain, one of my favorite sounds!


Rebekah said...

WOW, what a blast... when I first got your message I thought "who is this leaving me a comment". As soon as I opened the mail I knew who you were. When I cked on your blog and saw your picture a flood of memories washed over me.
Did you know that I absolutely loved your house in Tally? The thing I remember the most is the front porch... it was white, shaded and had lots of plants.
I absolutely love bloggin. It helps keep up with family and friends and I have also met some great people along the way.
I've added you to my bloglines... tell the girls HI for me

Betsy Poepping said...

Hi Deitra! What fun to read your blog - can you please send me Deb Millman's contact info? Have lost touch with her since they moved to the midwest - she sent me her new address when they moved but it somehow got lost...thanks! ( Can't believe all of your beautiful grandbabies! Those girls are prolific!! :) Give them my love and tell Rob hey! Love, Betsy