Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas Tree Dilemna

I never thought I'd be a fake tree type but last year after Christmas, we bought a nine foot tree with white lights for $30 (such a deal we couldn't pass it up, even if we only used it on our front porch or something like that!). However, I must admit I love this tree! We put it in our family room for our main tree this year. Here are the positives about a fake tree:
1. It goes up in a flash.
2. I don't have to put lights on it
3. You can move the branches to fit the ornaments where you want them to show up
4. The branches don't bend down under the weight of the heavier ornaments
5. I can "smell" the tree since I put out my Yankee Candle "Cedar Leaf Spruce" potpourri which smell even better and longer than any Frazier Fir we've ever bought
6. It's economical
7. No needle droppings!
8. Don't have to water it
9. No sap on your hands that you can't get off

So all in all I'm now PRO artificial tree!!!

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michelle said...

Right there with you girlfriend! We got a fake tree this Christmas. We're going to get a baby real one to plant but for now with our crazy babies it's easier. The Germans look like they put their trees up on Christmas Eve and they don't have fake ones - they're kind of purists about some of those things. I'm lovin Christmas over though, they are the experts on this Season. Last night I heard some boys singing, "Oh Tannenbaum" in the Square while putting Jack to bed and that was pretty cool. I will always love Christmas at home the best though and I miss all that going home brings. However I am grateful for where I am and my sweet, little family and my husband who just brought his big, fat buffalina hot chocolate and brownies. Enjoying your posts and very excited to read your book! Love you!