Thursday, October 12, 2006

Vampire Christian

I've been loving this new book Falling for God by Gary Moon and in it he quotes Dallas Willard, another of my favorite authors, who is describing the above. He states: "A vampire Christian is one who wants just enough of the blood of Christ to have eternal life but not the full transfusion that would make him into a new creature, living life in a perpetual state of "As you wish." (from Princess Bride, only doing whatever the Father wishes) Our desire to live as ruler in our own realms of influence gets in the way of our desire to live life in God's Kingdom. We willingly follow Jesus up to the cross and admire His love, but our false self resists following Him onto the cross and participating in His example of absolute surrender. Give us the fire insurance policy. Keep the Refiner's fire."

How often this describes me when I get in a comfortable place in my lifestyle. Not willing to make the sacrifices that God may be asking of me, because I fear death, but knowing that He will bring life out of my death. I had to think through the things I fear losing when I totally surrender and once I listed them, they lost a lot of their power. In my heart I DO want to surrender and have to ask God to give me His perspective of the joy beyond the Cross, so I will surrender to Him.
Think about whether or not you are a vampire Christian as you watch the Trick or Treaters in a few weeks.

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