Wednesday, August 16, 2006


An amazing trip! No way to adequately describe it except to say worthwhile, heartbreaking, fulfilling, many God-moments, grateful, humble people, a new worldview has been awoken in me. The only way to really understand it is to GO! It will be worth every penny, every amount of time off, every thing you THINK you are giving up, you will gain back 100 fold. You can never out give God!
The land is beautiful. This is Swaziland on the way to the orphanage.
The children are precious.

Glorious sunsets!
Our team from Atlanta. There were about 50 people in all from all over the US.

It feels like God touched our hearts more than the people we came to serve, just by their faithfulness to Him in the midst of incredible hardships. 48% of Swaziland tests positive for HIV/AIDS, many of which are women who contract the disease from their husbands. The king in Swaziland has 14 wives, it is a polygimist society so the men feel free to sleep around. The wives get AIDS from their husbands and pass it on to their children. You don't see many people from the ages of 20-40, they are just not there, gone, dead from AIDS.

There is an abundance of orphan headed household which means little kids raising kids, literally. Or go-go's (grandmothers) who raise their grandchildren which is usually not just one or two but eight or twelve kids. 75% of kids 15-19 did not know you get AIDS from sex. It is not talked about, not dealt with. AIDS is an incredible stigma and shameful thing to talk about or have. These people have endured such hardship and yet they have a huge trust in God, probably because they have no one else to depend on. We can learn a lot from them on total dependence on God.


Michelle D said...

Yay! I've been checking and checking for pictures and update on your trip. It sounds awesome and I want to go one day. My favorite picture is of Uncle Rob with the little boy - so sweet.

Love you guys!

Deitra said...

Thanks Shell for the comment. It's nice to know somebody is reading and enjoying this blog!

Debbie Millman said...

Wow...great pictures and your heart for the people there is so clear and also contagious. I wanna come!!! May it be so..