Monday, July 10, 2006


I've had a very busy. but fun few weeks. Rob and I went to NC to watch the triplets while Jenni and Scott went on a FCA conference. Then I got to spend the rest of the week with Jenni and the trips while Scott had to go out of town to a BBall clinic. Melissa and her girls came over for a visit too, her first! That was great. I drove home the end of the week and then Aimee and her crew arrived for 4th of July weekend. After they left I drove to Tallahassee to see my dad and sister. Now I"m home getting ready for Africa!

Rob with Tegan

Feeding Time for Eli, Tegan and Ali

Playing with Grandpa

COUSINS! Tegan, Kaelyn, Ali, Kynleigh, Eli

Bella,Alexandra, Aimee, Justin, Ellie

Me and my sister Gail having a divine lunch at Chez Pierre, YUM!

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Michelle D said...

Oh Wow, it's so great, my first night with internet in Germany, to see all these pictures of people I love. The triplets are so big and gorgeous and I can't believe how grown up and beautiful Aimee's girls are and Melissa's lovely girls are looking so much olderntoo. I'm so happy you have this blog. Praying for your trip to Africa. Why don't you pop in and see us on your way back to the States (smile).