Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Africa, here we come!

Thursday July 20 we will be at Atlanta airport at 4am to catch our flight to Dulles, in DC and then on to Jo'burg, So.Africa (a mere 18 hr flight). Then we have a 5 hour bus trip to Swaziland where we will work at El Shaddai orphanage for a week and then on to Malawi for another week planting NeverEnding Gardens and putting in a drip irrigation system. We return Aug 4. Please pray for us that God will use us in any way He desires and we could serve the precious people of Africa. To check out the organization we are going with go to http://heartnewsletter.blogspot.com/

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Courtney said...

Hope your trip to Africa went well!! Looking forward to hearing about the experience :))