Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas Icebreakers

When you are sitting around your Christmas dinner with friends and family, why not ask some thoughtful questions?

1. What's the best thing that's happened to you since last Christmas?
2. What was your best Christmas ever? Why?
3. What's the most meaningful Christmas gift you've ever received?
4. What was the most appreciated Christmas gift you've ever given?
5. What was your favorite Christmas tradition as a child?
6. What is your favorite Christmas tradition now?
7. What do you do to try to keep Christ in Christmas?
8. If you were stranded on an island with a TV/DVD player and only one Christmas movie, which one would it be?

Christmas Tree Dilemna

I never thought I'd be a fake tree type but last year after Christmas, we bought a nine foot tree with white lights for $30 (such a deal we couldn't pass it up, even if we only used it on our front porch or something like that!). However, I must admit I love this tree! We put it in our family room for our main tree this year. Here are the positives about a fake tree:
1. It goes up in a flash.
2. I don't have to put lights on it
3. You can move the branches to fit the ornaments where you want them to show up
4. The branches don't bend down under the weight of the heavier ornaments
5. I can "smell" the tree since I put out my Yankee Candle "Cedar Leaf Spruce" potpourri which smell even better and longer than any Frazier Fir we've ever bought
6. It's economical
7. No needle droppings!
8. Don't have to water it
9. No sap on your hands that you can't get off

So all in all I'm now PRO artificial tree!!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


If you'd like to read my book, Ears Wide Open:Hearing God's Voice in Your Everyday Life go to where you can read it in bite-sized posts. Sit back, relax and prepare to encounter GOD!!!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Best of the Best

The Truth Comes Out is for anyone who had dealt with a difficult relationship in their life, especially family. Nancy's honest and vulnerable struggle to love the "unlovely" takes you through a spiritual transformation that only God could bring about . . . Nancy's changed heart. I found this to be not only highly interesting but helpful in learning how to have true empathy for those who you love but don't approve of their behavior. EXCELLENT READ!


Gideon's Gift made me cry. I always try to read a Christmas novel around this time of year and have enjoyed two other books in Karen Kingbury's Red Glove Series, but this is the best yet! My eyes were opened to a segment of our society that we all ignore with either apathy or disgust, the homeless, and makes them "real" people that we care about . . . with a very touching ending. If you want to get in the true spirit of Christmas,it is a must read this season.

EVERYONE needs to read this book! It's Not Okay with Me takes you on a roller coaster ride from 9/11 to the slums of Africa and will challenge you to your core. "Janine Maxwell owned one of the largest marketing companies in Canada that boasted a blue chip client list. Then on 9/11 she found herself trapped in New York City when all transportation in and out of the city stopped. She had to fight her way home to her family in Canada.
The world-changing events of that day became the catalyst that first sent Janine into a deep depression and later to the darkest parts of Africa in her search for the meaning of life. What happened next was a roller coaster ride from the board room to the streets of Africa where she found herself standing face to face with the AIDS pandemic and trying to understand what to do with 15 million orphans who are left in its wake. Her story is brutally honest and will take you straight to the heart of the issue of Africa's great need." from CBD website

I've said ITS NOT OKAY WITH ME! Read this book and let me know if it's not okay with you either!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sunrises and Truth

This morning as I came downstairs at 6:30am and made my cup of tea, I glanced outside at the sunrise. Now that daylight standard time has ended, it is actually beginning to get light out when I wake up. I had to go outside to see this gorgeous sunrise because it filled the sky with deep pinks and purples. After pausing a few moments to take it all in, I came inside to spend some time with God. I just happened to be on Psalm 19 which says: "The heavens are telling of the glory of God: and their expanse is declaring the work of His hands. Day to day pours forth speech, and night to night reveals knowledge." I thought about how often I look at the starry sky and think about God's glory but not much during the day, until this morning and I realized His sunrises and sunsets are beautiful paintings He gives to me everyday as a gift. Then I thought about how David who wrote that psalkm did nto know that the earth rotated around the sun and thought the exact opposite, that the sun rotated around the earth. To even consider such wasn't even anywhere on their radar because it looked like an impossibility (just put yourself in his shoes, er, sandels)and yet it is truth.
How often do I look at a situation and only see it from my one perspective and believe that that is the only way it is, the only truth? And yet the truth is often diametrically opposed to my perspective. I need to ask God for His perpsective more and more because He does know the real truth (He IS Truth) . . . His perspective is the only one I need to see from.
Lord, open my eyes to Your truth about myself, others and my circumstances today.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Vampire Christian

I've been loving this new book Falling for God by Gary Moon and in it he quotes Dallas Willard, another of my favorite authors, who is describing the above. He states: "A vampire Christian is one who wants just enough of the blood of Christ to have eternal life but not the full transfusion that would make him into a new creature, living life in a perpetual state of "As you wish." (from Princess Bride, only doing whatever the Father wishes) Our desire to live as ruler in our own realms of influence gets in the way of our desire to live life in God's Kingdom. We willingly follow Jesus up to the cross and admire His love, but our false self resists following Him onto the cross and participating in His example of absolute surrender. Give us the fire insurance policy. Keep the Refiner's fire."

How often this describes me when I get in a comfortable place in my lifestyle. Not willing to make the sacrifices that God may be asking of me, because I fear death, but knowing that He will bring life out of my death. I had to think through the things I fear losing when I totally surrender and once I listed them, they lost a lot of their power. In my heart I DO want to surrender and have to ask God to give me His perspective of the joy beyond the Cross, so I will surrender to Him.
Think about whether or not you are a vampire Christian as you watch the Trick or Treaters in a few weeks.

A Great Quick Read.

I loved this book as much as the first one: Dinner with a Perfect Stranger. Definitely worth your time to read it. Here's the summary:

What if a fascinating stranger knew you better than you know yourself?

When her husband comes home with a farfetched story about eating dinner with someone he believes to be Jesus, Mattie Cominsky thinks this may signal the end of her shaky marriage. Convinced that Nick is, at best, turning into a religious nut, the self-described agnostic hopes that a quick business trip will give her time to think things through.

On board the plane, Mattie strikes up a conversation with a fellow passenger. When she discovers their shared scorn for religion, she confides her frustration over her husband’s recent conversion. The stranger suggests that perhaps her husband isn’t seeking religion but true spiritual connection, an idea that prompts her to reflect on her own search for fulfillment.

As their conversation turns to issues of spiritual longing and deeper questions about the nature of God, Mattie finds herself increasingly drawn to this insightful stranger. But when the discussion unexpectedly turns personal, touching on things she’s never told anyone, Mattie is startled and disturbed. Who is this man who seems to peer straight into her soul?

Friday, October 06, 2006

Photo Shoot!

While I was in Tennessee watching the girls for 10 days (while Aimee and Justin celebrated their 10th anniversary in Turks and Cacoas, I had fun with the camera while the girls posed for me. Here's a just brief result. Stay tuned for more!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Go see FACING THE GIANTS movie/Sept 29

In his six years of coaching, Grant Taylor has never had a winning season. Even the hope of a new season is squelched when the best player on his Shiloh Eagles decides to transfer schools. After losing their first three games of the season, the coach discovers a group of fathers are plotting to have him fired. Combined with pressures at home, Coach Taylor has lost hope in his battle against fear and failure.

However, an unexpected challenge finds a purpose bigger than just victories. Daring to trust God to do the impossible, Coach Taylor and the Eagles discover how faith plays out on the field … and off.

With God, all things are possible …

Check out this amazing trailer at and then enter their website and see even more

Saturday, August 26, 2006


I was reading back through my last year's journal and found this entry from a mini-vacation we took to Naples, FL. We stayed at Rob's Great Aunt Katty's beach condo.
"Last night about 3pm I heard thunder rolling and saw the flash of lightning. I lay there, thanking God for this "gift" b/c I love storms and especially the sound of rain on the roof. This morning the sea is rough, crashing waves, overcast sky. But there is still a certain beauty at the beach even amidst the storminess. I ponder that and realize there is beauty even in the storms of life, even in the midst of them. It's not the peacefulness you feel on a calm day, but maybe the beauty is in the power that motivatres the storm to come and the cleansing that the storm seems to produce as the beach now lies flat and clear of debris. Sure, it stirs up a lot of muck - seaweed, sand, driftwood. The waters are more murky today and yet when everything settles, there is a cleansing, it almost gives a purifying effect. Isn't that just like God? He uses the storms in our lives to motivate us to huddle up to Him for safety and as a result of the storm, we are purified, refined. Maybe that is one hidden reason why I LOVE storms!" (May 31, 2005, Tuesday)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


An amazing trip! No way to adequately describe it except to say worthwhile, heartbreaking, fulfilling, many God-moments, grateful, humble people, a new worldview has been awoken in me. The only way to really understand it is to GO! It will be worth every penny, every amount of time off, every thing you THINK you are giving up, you will gain back 100 fold. You can never out give God!
The land is beautiful. This is Swaziland on the way to the orphanage.
The children are precious.

Glorious sunsets!
Our team from Atlanta. There were about 50 people in all from all over the US.

It feels like God touched our hearts more than the people we came to serve, just by their faithfulness to Him in the midst of incredible hardships. 48% of Swaziland tests positive for HIV/AIDS, many of which are women who contract the disease from their husbands. The king in Swaziland has 14 wives, it is a polygimist society so the men feel free to sleep around. The wives get AIDS from their husbands and pass it on to their children. You don't see many people from the ages of 20-40, they are just not there, gone, dead from AIDS.

There is an abundance of orphan headed household which means little kids raising kids, literally. Or go-go's (grandmothers) who raise their grandchildren which is usually not just one or two but eight or twelve kids. 75% of kids 15-19 did not know you get AIDS from sex. It is not talked about, not dealt with. AIDS is an incredible stigma and shameful thing to talk about or have. These people have endured such hardship and yet they have a huge trust in God, probably because they have no one else to depend on. We can learn a lot from them on total dependence on God.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Africa, here we come!

Thursday July 20 we will be at Atlanta airport at 4am to catch our flight to Dulles, in DC and then on to Jo'burg, So.Africa (a mere 18 hr flight). Then we have a 5 hour bus trip to Swaziland where we will work at El Shaddai orphanage for a week and then on to Malawi for another week planting NeverEnding Gardens and putting in a drip irrigation system. We return Aug 4. Please pray for us that God will use us in any way He desires and we could serve the precious people of Africa. To check out the organization we are going with go to

Monday, July 10, 2006


I've had a very busy. but fun few weeks. Rob and I went to NC to watch the triplets while Jenni and Scott went on a FCA conference. Then I got to spend the rest of the week with Jenni and the trips while Scott had to go out of town to a BBall clinic. Melissa and her girls came over for a visit too, her first! That was great. I drove home the end of the week and then Aimee and her crew arrived for 4th of July weekend. After they left I drove to Tallahassee to see my dad and sister. Now I"m home getting ready for Africa!

Rob with Tegan

Feeding Time for Eli, Tegan and Ali

Playing with Grandpa

COUSINS! Tegan, Kaelyn, Ali, Kynleigh, Eli

Bella,Alexandra, Aimee, Justin, Ellie

Me and my sister Gail having a divine lunch at Chez Pierre, YUM!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

it's worth the fight

Ok, I absolutely adore our church, NorthPoint Community. It is so relevant and even though we missed last week b/c we were relaxing in Cashiers, NC,(pixs to come) I listened online today and have tears in my eyes. The series is called "Fight Club" and the topic is fighting for those relationships in your life that are meaningful but have beeen hurtful. The talk is by a young woman who very poignantly shares her personal story which will not only touch your heart but inspire you to "get in the fight". Here's the link: Go to sermons online, it's the first in the series. You can listen or watch on video, which I recommend. Afterwards. please comment on my blog. Thanks and go get 'em, Tiger!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Must Read Page Turner

Ok, I read a LOT but I have never read a book in two days where I could not put it down and had to put life on hold while I finished this riveting book. This haunting story of mountain climbers who want to conquer Mt Everest against all odds and don't make it will not only keep you reading but will make you question WHY people do this at all! It truly is a captivating true story that evoke many emotions as you read. I highly recommend this as one of my favorites!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Wonderful Weekend

Melissa and Patrick, Kynleigh and Kaelyn came for a visit this past weekend and we had a great time together. First time visiting the GA Aquaium and what a treat! We also celebrated Kaelyn's 2nd Bday with a Care Bear Cake. Thank you God for precious granddaughters!!!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Heart For Africa

This is such a great description of what Heart for Africa does and offers. Although our trip last December was to South Africa, in July we will be going to Swaziland and Malawi. Read on to see the kinds of opportunities we will encounter. (this was taken from Heart for Africa's blog.
Monday, April 17, 2006
Dirty Fingernails: Journals from the Field - Ellen Genrich Volunteer

Africa ... was like nothing we had experienced before.

It enlarged our hearts, expanded our vision, stretched our faith, deepened our compassion and filled us with awe. The need in Africa is so immense and we were only a small group of 39 Americans. Could we make a difference? Could we help in a tangible way? Would it matter to a small settlement in South Africa called Motsoaledi? The answer? YES!

We came from all over the country, with different backgrounds and varied talents. We ranged in age from 16 to 81, male and female, black and white. We had several mother/daughter, father/son teams, one father/daughter duo, singles, college students, married couples, one engaged couple and one husband and wife who were expecting their second child. But we all came with one heart ... a heart for serving the people of Africa. And serve them we did. But what came as a surprise was what they gave back to us. A joyful spirit, hopeful hearts and smiles greeted us everywhere. Their gratitude for the small gardens we planted was overwhelming.

The children were endearing and completely captured our hearts. 70,000 seedlings later our small group had planted gardens throughout the entire settlement. We left knowing we had touched, been touched and would never forget the people of Motsoaledi. The Sunday church service was phenomenal. Powerful. Joyful. They expressed their faith in song, in dance and in prayer. There was no altar, no cross, no FLOOR. It was hot. It was long. But it flew by. Their love for the Lord was so strong it was almost palpable. They have so little, but they have what they need; hope in Jesus. We found His word to be resonating in the African settlements.

We had the chance to visit the Apartheid Museum where we gained new insights into the depth of South Africa’s struggle for freedom and a deeper appreciation for the democracy we were, by the grace of God, born into. Our half-day safari in Pilansburg showed us firsthand the beauty and wildness of the dark continent. We experienced a traditional outdoor African Bush Braai where we ate delicious, authentic, regional cuisine as the sun set over the awesome countryside and the full moon slowly rose. We also planted gardens at the Refilwe Orphan Project. Here we met the real victims of the AIDS epidemic; kids who, before being rescued by the orphanage, were living in garbage dumps, some as young as seven months. The week before we arrived they had found a seven year old taking care of two younger siblings. These are the true, heart-breaking, everyday realities of Africa.

This time we were called to go and others were called to give. Next time may be their turn to go. Whether here in our own backyard or across the ocean in Africa, all we have to do is say “Yes, Lord. Yes, Lord. Yes, yes, Lord!” He’ll do the rest.

Ellen & Carley Genrich

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A Good Read

Being an avid reader, I'm always looking for the next bestseller to read and yet I don't just want to fill my mind with just anything. I've found the coolest website to help me. It's and you simply sign up for any of several email book clubs and every day you'll be sent a 5-minute sample from a book. By the end of the week, you'll have read 2-3 chapters. If it's a book you've just gotta finish, visit your local library or your favorite bookstore and pick up a copy. There are many catagories of books, nonfiction, fiction, etc but the one I'm enjoying is Good News which features christian books. The first one I passed on but the second one is one that I can't wait to finish reading. I'll add an excerpt to hopefully get you excited about the book and the website. Check it out!

In "The Irresistible Revolution," Shane Claiborne invites
you into a movement of the Spirit that begins in the heart
and extends through our hands into a broken world. Using
examples from his own unconventional life, Shane Claiborne
stirs up questions about the church and the world,
challenging you to live out an authentic Christian faith.
This book will comfort the disturbed, disturb the
comfortable and invite believers to change the world with
Christ's radical love.


It's what always happens to the saints and prophets who are
dangerous: we bronze them, we drain them of their passion and life
and trap them in stained-glass windows and icons, confining them
safely in memories of the past. St. Francis becomes a birdbath,
Malcolm X is put on a stamp, and Martin Luther King gets a holiday.
And Jesus gets commercialized, whether it's the plastic night-lights
or the golden crucifixes. (And now there is a bobbing-head "Buddy
Jesus" for your car and the "Jesus is my homeboy" T-shirt.) It
becomes hard to know who Jesus really is, much less to imagine that
Jesus ever laughed, cried, or had poop that smelled.

I can remember when Christianity was still safe, comfortable,
trendy. I grew up in the Bible Belt, in East Tennessee, where
there's a church building on nearly every corner. I can't remember
meeting anyone Jewish or Muslim, and I distinctly remember being
dissuaded from dating a Catholic girl because she "prayed to Mary."
I attended two or three different youth groups, whichever had the
best entertainment and drew the largest crowd. Church was a place
where there were cute girls, free junk food, and cheap snowboarding
trips. I discovered a Christianity that entertained me with quirky
songs and velcro walls. (I'm hopeful that not everyone reading this
grew up in the same bizarre world of youth-ministry entertainment,
so for those unfamiliar with the velcro wall, it's a giant
inflatable wall of velcro that you wear a special velcro suit for
and bounce up and stick onto...all for Jesus.)

In middle school, I had a sincere "conversion" experience. We took a
trip to a large Christian festival with bands, speakers, and late-
night pranks. One night a short, bald preacherman named Duffy
Robbins gave an invitation to "accept Jesus," and nearly our whole
youth group went forward (a new concept for most of us), crying and
snotting, hugging people we didn't know. I was born again. The next
year, we went to that same festival, and most of us went forward
again (it was so good the first time) and got born again, again. In
fact, we looked forward to it every year. I must have gotten born
again six or eight times, and it was great every time. (I highly
recommend it.)

But then you start to think there must be more to Christianity, more
than just laying your life and sins at the foot of the cross. I came
to realize that preachers were telling me to lay my life at the foot
of the cross and weren't giving me anything to pick up. A lot of us
were hearing "don't smoke, don't drink, don't sleep around" and
naturally started asking, "Okay, well, that was pretty much my life,
so what do I do now?" Where were the do's? And nobody seemed to have
much to offer us. Handing out tracts at the mall just didn't seem
like the fullness of Christian discipleship, not to mention it just
wasn't as fun as making out at the movies.

I was just another believer. I believed all the right stuff--that
Jesus is the Son of God, died and rose again. I had become a
"believer," but I had no idea what it means to be a follower. People
had taught me what Christians believe, but no one had told me how
Christians live.


So as we do in our culture, I thought perhaps I needed to buy more
stuff, Christian stuff. Luckily, I found an entire Christian
industrial complex ready to help with Christian music, bumper
stickers, T-shirts, books, and even candy ("Testa-mints"...dead
serious...mints with a Bible verse attached, candy with a
Christian aftertaste). They had lists of bands and the Christian
alternatives to them, so I got rid of all my old CDs. (And I must
confess, I was a bit disappointed by the Christian counterfeit. Who
could compare to Guns N' Roses and Vanilla Ice?) And I bought books,
devotionals, T-shirts. I developed a common illness that haunts
Western Christianity. I call it spiritual bulimia. Bulimia, of
course, is a tragic eating disorder, largely linked to identity and
image, where folks consume large amounts of food but vomit it up
before it has a chance to digest. I developed the spiritual form of
it where I did my devotions, read all the new Christian books and
saw the Christian movies, and then vomited information up to
friends, small groups, and pastors. But it had never had the chance
to digest. I had gorged myself on all the products of the Christian
industrial complex but was spiritually starving to death. I was
marked by an overconsumptive but malnourished spirituality,
suffocated by Christianity but thirsty for God.

It was Mark Twain who said, "It's not the parts of the Bible I don't
understand that scare me, but the parts I do understand." I don't
know if you've read the Bible, and if you haven't, I think you may
be in a better place than those of us who have read it so much that
it has become stale. Maybe this is why Jesus says to the religious
folks, "the tax collectors and the prostitutes are entering the
kingdom of God ahead of you" (Matt. 21:31). For me, it became hard
to read the Bible and walk away as if I had just watched a nice
movie. Jesus never seemed to do anything normal. How about the fact
that his first miracle was the old turning-water-into-wine thing to
keep a party going? (Not a miracle that would go over well in some
Christian circles.) And there's that time Jesus' friends leave him
on the shore. If we had been in Jesus' shoes, some of us might have
yelled for them to come back. Others might have jumped in the water
and swum out to the boat. But Jesus just steps on the blessed water
(Matt. 14:22 - 26). That's nuts. It scares his friends to death. Or
take healing a blind person, for instance. I've seen people gather
around and lay hands on the sick. Others anoint people with oil. But
when Jesus wants to heal a blind guy, he picks up some dirt off the
ground, "spits" in it, and then wipes it on the dude's eyes (John
9:6). That's weird. No one else did that. Can you imagine the other
religious leaders? "Rabbi, could you hack me up a holy loogie?" Not
a chance. No one else did stuff like that. Only Jesus would be crazy
enough to suggest that if you want to become the greatest, you
should become the least. Only Jesus would declare God's blessing on
the poor rather than on the rich and would insist that it's not
enough to love just your friends. I began to wonder if anybody still
believed Jesus meant those things he said. I thought if we just
stopped and asked, What if he really meant it? it could turn the
world upside-down. It was a shame Christians had become so normal.

Monday, April 17, 2006

My Grands!

Three silly girls that love to goof off in front of the camera.

Tegan looks like she's bugging Eli while Ali is just chillin'!

Kynleigh and Kaelyn love each other, most of the time!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


For several years Rob and I end our evenings with the 3A's ritual.
They are: APOLOGY
First we ask each other, "Is there anything I need to apologize for?" You might think this would make for a very long goodnight. Actually what happens is that because we know we will be asking each other this question at bedtime, if either of us should have an "offense" during the day, we deal with it then to avoid a long, drawn out conversation at night. Sometimes we can even joke about it, "That is something you are going to have to apologize for tonight!" So we just go ahead and do it in the moment.
Secondly we give each other an affirmation based on either something we did or a character trait like "Thanks for doing the laundry today" or "You are such a good provider." This is great for me because my primary love language is affirmation. Because verbal affirmation does not come naturally to Rob, it is a daily opportunity for him to be reminded that I need this to feel loved. Of course he loves to be appreciated as well so it meets both our needs.
Thirdly, we add the affection piece, which can be anything from a quick kiss to a more expressive demonstration of our love.
Lastly we pray together, nothing long and involved but just a few words to the Lord of thanks for His love for us and a restful sleep. Often we take this opportunity to lift up a concern about something going on in our lives or someone we have a burden for. It is a great way to end our day together.
Although the 3 A's wasn't my own creation, (I have to commend Becky Terabassi for this positve idea), it has credited important deposits into our relationship account that have kept us connected and deepened our relationship in substanial ways.
Try it, you might just like it!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

God's Blogs

God's Blogs by Lanny Donoho

Did you know that God has a blog too? You can't access it over the internet but you can buy it at your local Christian bookstore. As I read through this humorous yet deep book I found myself laughing, pondering and coming away with a greater understanding of how God sees me and His world. It is one of those books that you want to keep reading because it is so incredible BUT you don't want to finish it too soon because then the experience will be over. I can't wait for God's Blogs #2!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Triplet Update

Tegan Eli Ali

Tegan and Ali are growing fast. Yesterday they weighed in at 12lb 12oz and 13lb 3oz. Eli still is the big man around town at 15lb 8oz! (at 4 1/2 months) Aren't they amazing babies? They sleep from @ 6pm-7am with one 10pm feeding inbetween. Great babies, can you tell I love 'em? Jenni and Scott are so blessed (as are the babies to have such great parents).

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Beyond the Gates

If you saw End of the Spear, you HAVE to rent the dvd Beyond the Gates of Splendor. We loved "Spear" and so I wanted to find out more information about the story and "Gates" gave me what I wanted. It is more of a real life documentary with interviews with some of the wives and a very moving interview with Frank Drown who was the head of the Missionary Aviation Team in Ecuador who went on the search party for the men. It is one of those movies that I can't get out of my mind. You can rent "Gates" at your local Blockbuster. And it is definitely worth renting.

I just have to wonder if I would be willing to do what those men and women were willing to do. I'd have to say realistically NO, but "all things are possible with God." When God speaks to our hearts, He gives us courage to obey. Those men and women made a tremendous impact not only on an entire people group but still 50 years later they are impacting generation after generation of those who still are hearing/seeing their story. I'm sure they are amazed themselves at how God took what satan meant for evil and turned it around for good, to preserve a people alive, just like God did with Joseph and the people of Israel.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thursday evening with the Tobertsons

Tina and Mason in Africa
Seriously, we got to know Gina and Jason through our Dream for Africa trip and have been totally blessed to get to spend time with them talking about Lost and movies and God and marriage and jobs and anything else we can think of. God has so enriched our lives through Gina and Jason. We highly recommend finding a couple to "do life with" and intentionally investing in each other. You might even get the added bonus of a "Copper" in your life as well! (that is their adorable dog that I don't happen to have a picture of.)

Retreat Time

My goal for this year is to speak at three women's retreats. I have one scheduled in October in Arkansas through my dear friend Ann Kinnebrew. If anyone else out there would like me to come and faciliate your retreat, just let me know! I am considering doing one here in Atlanta, maybe a one day retreat, on a Saturday for locals. If you would be interested in attending, let me know. Basically it would be "a day apart" where you would be given some guided prayer times to go off by yourself and spend some time with God and then come back together after each session to have small group share time. The focus would be connecting with God and basking in His presence. I just need to find a really pretty place outside to have it, somewhere where we could all go off in the woods to be with God in nature by ourselves and then have somewhere to come back to for discussion and sharing. Anybody know of somewhere like that?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Those Lawson Girls

Ok, I'm getting the hang of this now, forgive me for being a little slow. Remember I'm new to this!